Omni Funding is a pioneer in designing and creating solutions to meet capital and service needs rather than trying to make a business fit the financial system. We provide point of sale consumer and commercial financing, portfolio leveraging liquidation, loan servicing, and collections. Please review our programs below and contact us with any questions. One of our Operations Managers will be happy to speak with you.


Omni Funding offers custom solutions for consumer & commercial financing at the point of sale with automated credit decisions made in minutes! Omni Funding Paper Program brings a value added approach when conventional lenders in today's economy tend to lack in both credit decisions and service. Our custom finance plans are designed to match the marketing strategy of sellers, and the buyers credit spectrum. Our Paper Programs can be used as a primary or secondary solution for Healthcare & Wellness Providers, Dealers, Vendors, Merchants, and Retailers throughout the US.

Why not have flexible finance term options available in addition of accepting cash, credit card, or cumbersome lease plans when marketing products and services! Using installment agreements to offer additional buying options for customers is a wise decision in today's marketplace. Providing flexible point of sale payment options to the credit score spectrum will increase sales, customer base, and bottom line. The revolving credit card regulations change February 2011. Sellers of products and services will see a direct affect on their sales based on these new regulations. Revolving credit is going to be much harder to achieve for the consumer or commercial buyer. The issuers of revolving credit are closing the credit window with who they will issue credit. The scoring models for issuing such revolving credit are going north of 690 at a rapid rate! We are very confident it's going to get worse before it gets better based on our research and the "revolving credit cleansing" that will last for the next few years. This means retail bank departments providing point of sale finance is going to impact seller's approval ratios! We have a solution for this challenge!


Omni Funding can help create immediate cash for your in-house paper portfolio. Omni can create a custom program on your existing portfolio of consumer and commercial installment agreements. Regardless if it is a product that has changed hands or ongoing service and maintenance agreements. Our processing center can service these non-cancelable agreements and leverage liquid cash that banks or traditional accounts receivable finance companies would not be willing to provide. We look for a minimum size portfolio of $500,000.00 and seek to loan up to $2 million for each of these account types.


Using the Omni Funding Loan Servicing Program you can remain confident that your customers are receiving a superior level of service, and you will be free to focus on other areas to grow your business.

This loan-servicing program will lower your operational cost, improving back-office efficiencies, and enhance overall portfolio management capabilities. All the while, our processing representatives will be focused on exceeding customer expectations. Let this outsourcing process increase cash flow by reducing delinquencies. Customers will receive regular monthly statements, multiple payment options (i.e. by check, EFT, auto debit, pay-by-phone, online payment and credit card), online access to their accounts and courtesy reminder calls. Meanwhile the entire portfolio can be easily and efficiently monitored online 24/7.


We do not get paid unless you get paid, so the motivation is to gain optimal results.

No two delinquent accounts are alike. Our experienced processing representatives can design custom solutions to maximize the collection effort on your behalf. There is always a fresh and modern approach to collecting accounts. Programs include advanced techniques such as skip tracing and reporting to all four major credit bureaus. Meanwhile, we make it easier for debtors to pay through a multitude of payment options (i.e. by check, EFT, auto debit, pay-by-phone, online payment and credit card). Let the experienced professionals deliver the best in asset recovery while saving you time and stress associated with collecting bad debt. Omni has the vast resources to customize a program that will maximize your debt recovery.

Please fill free to contact us at 888-268-OMNI (6664) ext. 206 or send us a message with questions about our paper programs.

Our consultants are ready to provide you with award-winning service and turnkey results, with an attitude and desire to build your trust today!